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Incredible Atmosphere

Our main focus is to make sure that the atmosphere of the game reflects the dark beauty of the Ethernalis Role Playing world we created and fell in love with.

Procedurally Generated World

Each map is generated on the spot and therefor is unique to each player. You will never play the same game twice.


We use the power of HTML5 and expert cloud computing knowledge to bring you a unique and rich gaming experience.

About The Game

Ethernalis is a roguelike, turn based card game for mobiles and tablets with MUDlike event system.

We are preparing to launch our first Angular Game project. As a tribute to our childhood nerdiness, we have embarked upon a quest to bring a responsive, cross-platform, multiplier, old-school rogue experience to every Role Play Game fan in the Old World.

Ethernalis is still in alpha stage but we enjoy it already and are full of ideas for making it just the game we always wanted to play. Players can choose their character and discover the world of Ethernal torn by the immediate danger of the undead armies in the roguelike turn based, mobile card game. Collect equipment, cast spells and discover randomly generated dungeons to support Imperial campaigns or join the forces of Evil to unleash the death lurking in the mountain depths for millennia


Unique Cards


Unique Enemies


Equipment Cards


Unique Weapons


Custom Events


Location Cards

This is multiplied by the game logic onto thousands of magical and enchanted cards. Every enemy has a chance to become special and gain additional strength, defense or surprise you with extra ordinary amount of health points. Players have a small chance of coming across enchanted equipment and weapons.

We're talking class specific cards, location specific cards and experience level based encounters combined with MUD like event system that allows you to immerse in challenging storyline designed by our Game Masters. We are going to rogue-like scene and we hope, that with your support we can bring this project to the next level.

We're super busy getting the Alpha version of the game ready for you. We would love to hear what you think. Follow us on twitter @nospoonnocake or join us on facebook to get in touch and find out more.

Would you like to help us Alpha testing?
Download our Alpha build and let us know what you think!

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Get Involved!

We have launched on Patreon and even though it is very early, we're inviting our supporters to join us on a journey and we're giving them access to all our in production material.

If you feel you'd prefer to contribute otherwise, you could also help by donating original dark fantasy art, music and other game assets you think the game could benefit from o7

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