Location and Movement

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The hero's current location is represented by the card located in central position on the Game Board. Each location in the game has a specific size, which will determine the amount of additional cards surrounding this location card. To travel away from your current location, click on the location card and select one of the available exits displayed in the card action menu.

Each direction with an available exit will also display an indicator status showing the player whether the character has visited this location before (background image of the location will be displayed behind the direction letter) or not (plain grey background).

Exits marked with skeleton lock icon have to be opened with the skeleton keys that your character will come across while exploring the dungeon level. The skeleton keys will only work with specific locks on the same dungeon level and will be removed from character's inventory when the dungeon level is changed.

With each turn, the contents of the location can change and so will the display of the cards surrounding the location. If an event has been generated in a particular room of the map it may be necessary to revisit the room more than once in order to complete the quest or interact with the event to achieve certain results.

The Map is generated at the start of the game but some locked locations may require special skills to uncover or a quest to be completed before becoming accessible to the character. Some events may also alter the dungeon layout and contents of any location.