Incredible Atmosphere

Our main focus is to make sure that the atmosphere of the game reflects the dark beauty of the Ethernalis Role Playing world we created and fell in love with.

Procedurally Generated World

Each map is generated on the spot and therefor is unique to each player. You will never play the same game twice.


We push the power of HTML5 and expert cloud computing knowledge to bring you a unique and feature rich gaming experience.

About The Game

Ethernalis is a roguelike, turn based card game (under development) for Windows and MacOSX with MUDlike event system.

Players take control of characters through which they discover and play out multitude of adventures in a dark and unforgiving fantasy world on a brink of destruction from demonic forces that risen to conquer the small remaining outpost of life in a death ridden globe.

A mixture of procedurally generated dungeons and crafted storyline aims to create a unique and dynamic world in which no two gameplays can ever be the same. Following the proof of concept Alpha built we have been working countless hours to create a multiplayer engine that would allow players to play together or against each other and compete for treasures, artifacts and claim vast lands of the Old World as their own.


Unique Cards


Unique Enemies


Equipment Cards


Unique Weapons


Custom Events

Dialogue options

Location Cards

This is multiplied by the game logic onto thousands of magical and enchanted cards. Every enemy has a chance to become special and gain additional strength, defense or surprise you with extra ordinary amount of health points. Players have a small chance of coming across enchanted equipment and weapons.

We're talking: class specific cards, location specific cards and experience level based encounters combined with MUD like event system that allows you to immerse in challenging storyline. We are coming to rogue-like RPG scene and we hope, that with your support we can bring this project to the next level.

We're super busy getting the Beta version of the game ready for you. We would love to hear what you think. Follow us on twitter @nospoonnocake or join us on facebook to get in touch and find out more.

Play beta today!

If you're not scared of bugs, dark dungeons and would like to help us identify issues or simply see what the fuss is about register below and download beta client via download links in the main menu

This will become your beta login.

What's new in Beta

  • Multiplayer sessions - join up to 3 other players in a turn based exploration of a procedurally generated dungeons
  • Enemy movement - if you thought Alpha was hard - let's see what you say when the enemies rush towards you
  • Generated portraits - huge variety of new roles to take - each hero comes with a bonus item
  • Location based modifiers - each location has a unique set of properties that affect how your hero recovers, rests etc.
  • New battle mechanics - Each enemy has their own distance/melee counter - your movements affect the tactics
  • Location based actions - Characters can fish, cook, mine, dig, search for old manuscripts in abandoned libraries and do various actions unique to locations they're in provided they have the encessary tools
  • New spells and enchantments - explore the world of Etherlis, it's secret arts and forbidden knowledge
  • Location upgrades - use the dungeon to your advantage and make it yours
  • Advanced Crafting - can't find what you want? build it from scratch from basic resources, discover new recipes and advance your cause.
  • Advanced Enchanting - Use your runic craft to enchant your favourite equipment to make it powerful and unique.
  • Trade system - exchange collected equipment with your party.
  • Rune up - Every card in game has a small chance of hosting a socket which can be quipped with rune stones to enable new abilities and properties.