Character Sheet

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In Ethernalis, player adopts a character and embarks upon adventure to fight for it's survival in an unforgiving, dark & hostile world.

Character Sheet


  • - Use scroll to zoom in to the game board and hover you mouse cursor over the top edge of the screen to display your character attributes
  • - Click on your character card to see the list of all characters in the current room
  • - Click on your character icon to revert back to displaying your character card.
  • - Click on another player character to see the action menu
  • - Click on the small skull icon to abandon the character and start again
  • - Click on the affliction warning badge to display the list of your character afflictions and wounds.

During your travels through the world, you will create many heroes to fill the character pool. Previously collected, experienced character will also be available for upgrade in additional quests and adventures.

The Character Sheet has been designed to show all important character information at a glance. The Character Card is located in the top left corner of the Game Board and provides up to date information about the status of the Hero. Here, players will find their current Health and Mana points, experience, gold and stats.

Any modifiers to your stats will be indicated with a + or - sign and a value of the modifier displayed next to the attribute affected.

A / sign (forward slash) indicates that an attribute has 2 parameters: current state and capacity, displayed before and after the sign respectively.

The Hero's Thirst and Hunger meters will be displayed in the bottom left area of the game board, beneath the map display. Players will be able to access some additional information about their character by clicking on their Player Name.

The Character Card, Equipment Area, Spell book/Skill list & the Map Area of the game cannot be flipped and do not have a back face, unlike other cards. Elemental Strengths and Defence of the character will be displayed on the Character Card next to the gem icons of varying colours.

A tiny skull button located at the bottom of the Character Card will allow players to abandon their character and start a new adventure. Sacrificing your character will result in loss of all their equipment and perks, cannot be undone and is generally frowned upon by the gods.

For more information about the character including calculated attributes and proficiencies - click on the "Character" Menu item in the top menu of the game screen.