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While adventuring player character will strongly rely on good equipment which can be acquired through many means in the game. Some equipment can be found simply laying on the dungeon floor, some may be stashed in an underground chests, other can be purchased from a travelling merchant or acquired as a reward for completed quests. Equipment area of the game board is located in the top right corner.

Amulets and rings can provide significant bonuses to the characters attributes. While your hero can carry a bag full of rings, characters can only have one ring and one amulet equipped at any time. Equipping other amulets/ring cards will cause the currently equipped card to become unequipped.

Every item in the game has its weight. The player's character will not be able to collect any equipment that would exceed the characters maximum carry weight. Items can be discarded, however doing so must be thought through carefully as the item will be considered lost once discarded. To discard an item, click on it in the equipment card and select the discard option from the active item menu.

Some items such as keys, scrolls, potions and food/drink can be used. To use an item tap on the item row in the equipment list and select the use option from the active item menu. Once used, consumable items will be removed from your equipment list. You will receive instant notification upon the status of your action (i.e. whether the use of your selected item has been successful or not).

To find more information and modifiers/stats about any equipment card click on the card and select info from the active menu.

There are some specific items that can only be used by certain character classes but can be collected regardless of the class. Scrolls require specific amounts of mana to be activated but will not be consumed if the player's mana is insufficient.

Some items (considered ingredients), except for their normal use, can be combined together to create a more advanced item.