Ethernalis - Roggos

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The Orc capital city of Roggos is located in the rocky and flat southern lands of Altarmn, the city is a testament to the strength and resilience of the Orc people. It is a place of great power and might, where the sound of drums and battle cries echo through the streets.

The city of Roggos is surrounded by towering cliffs and rocky outcrops, and it is said that the orcs carved the city out of the very mountains themselves. The city is a fortress of sorts, with high walls and sturdy gates that have never been breached in battle. It is said that the city's defenses are so strong that even the armies of the demonic invaders would struggle to penetrate them.

As one approaches the city, the first thing that comes into view is the great gates of Roggos. They are carved from black stone and are adorned with images of the orc gods, their eyes seeming to glower at all who dare to approach. Beyond the gates lies the city itself, with its narrow streets and tall buildings made from the same dark stone.

Roggos is ruled by a council of orc chieftains, each of whom commands great respect and loyalty from the people. The orcs are a proud and fierce people, and they have little patience for outsiders who do not share their ways. However, those who prove their worth to the orcs are welcomed as honored guests and given great respect.

Despite its reputation as a place of war and violence, Roggos is also a place of great culture and tradition. The orcs have a rich history of art and music, and their craftsmen are known for their skill in working with metal and stone. The city is also home to great libraries and temples, where the orc shamans study the secrets of magic and the mysteries of the universe.

Surrounding the city are the vast plains and deserts of the southern lands, where the orcs hunt and roam freely. The lands are harsh and unforgiving, but the orcs have learned to thrive in such environments. Many travelers come to Roggos seeking the wisdom and guidance of the orc chieftains, and the city is known as a place of great strength and power.