Events and Interactions

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Ethernalis is, at it's core, a role-playing game. During the adventure, players will become faced with many choices which will determine their character's story and their fate. The role playing experience in the game comes from an event engine in which players can choose the preferred action after receiving the description of an object or a situation. Allowing the player to play out their hero's role the way they see fit.

Some event options may only be available to characters meeting specific criteria (e.g. of specific class or with a required stat). Choosing an event option can trigger changes on the game map, can spawn cards in current dungeon or initiate quests. This allows our Game Masters to produce in game narratives and play out complex adventures built using our MUD-like RPG engine. Choosing an event option can also determine the availability of future conversation options with other NPCs.

It is through event engine, where players can learn about the vast and magical world of Ethernal, the story of its origins and discover the details that makes the Old World unlike any other.