Game Board

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Game board consists of nine areas. On mobile, players can navigate between areas by swiping the screen in chosen direction, or by clicking / tapping on the neighbouring Cards. Navigating between areas will not trigger a new turn and is not considered a character action.

When interacting with the environment, the player may be presented with the event overlay which will cover the game board, forcing the player to interact with the storyline. However, please note: that undertaking each interaction in the event overlay is still counted as an action and therefore will trigger turn processing. This means, that while the character indulges in examining wild flowers it may be a subject to a vicious attack from any enemies in the same room. The same stands for hunger and thirst counters.

The game board will be refreshed each time the character interacts with it's environment. To activate cards, click/tap on the selected card. To see available options tap on it once again. The list of available interactions will be displayed as buttons on the back of the card.