Potions and Food

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On their adventures, Heros will need to collect food and drink in order to prolong their life. If the character's hunger or thirst indicators reach 100%, the character will start receiving damage each turn until it's health points run out, causing death. Be warned that this damage cannot be defended against by the characters defence attribute.

The character can consume potions and ingredients which can affect a variety of attributes. Each potion has a specified duration attached to it, which determines the amount of turns for which the effect will be active. Some enchanted consumables may permanently increase the character's attributes and some magical potions can have more than one effect. Drinking any type of potion will slightly reduce the hero's thirst.

Characters can be equipped with weapons and armour elements to increase their damage and defence in-game. Without the ambidextrous skill only one weapon can be carried by the character at any given time. Collecting new weapon card will drop your existing weapon in it's place.