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Initial Quest

To begin tarveling around the Old World and beyond the character first needs to survive the prologue. Players can also join the Quests of any other Players as long as they all remain in the same Chapter of the storyline. Advancing dungeon levels does not automatically change the Storyline Chapter, which can only be advanced through completeing the storyline quests.

Whist the Intro part depends on your selected character class, the choice of the Storyline quest is independent from your character. It is instead generated randomly for each character and will determine how the char enters the world of Ethernalis.

Most of storyline quests offer the Player an ability to abandon it by simply walking away or even by attacking the NPC. In these scenarios a new storyline can be generated if the character survives to enter another dungeon map.

Storyline & Side Quests

Sometimes in order to receive a special item, clear the dungeon level or unlock some extra features your character will have a choice of undertaking additional quests which can reveal new information about the world and your hero. These can sometimes be very hard and may unleash special enemies as well as uncover unique locations.

Advanced Game

Some quests will procedurally generated and will not follow the main storyline. Whether you follow the quests or decide to roam free not worrying about anyone else, the late game in Ethernalis is quite different from the beginning and much more focused around stategy. Characters can claim Ethernalis maps as their own and start developing it to create their hideouts, temples or fortresses and compete with other players for resource in order to ensure prosperity and survival during dark times that engulf the Old World.

Your character can be joined by companions (either traveling with you or staying in the chosen place), develop unique locations control minions, set up factories, workshops and launch attacks at other player's claimed maps to loot, conquer and destroy as you see fit.