Scrolls and Magic

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Ethernalis is an ancient world where the winds of powerful magic blow across the lands. which affects many aspects of the game.

In general, non-rune based magic is frowned upon in the cities and civilised settlements, treated more as witchcraft and greatly distrusted, unlike the use of imperial approved runic practices' taught in the academies found in all major imperial cities.

Magic has been known to populace of the world since the beginning of time. With the abundance of magical energies, nearly any one can be taught simple spell casting but only dedicated few, who spend centuries mastering their path can ascend to power once thought beyond their mortal form.

The most common form of safe magic practice by the citizenry is in the use of scrolls. Scrolls are not affected by the wild mana outbursts that are often associated with witchcraft. Although, casting a spell contained on the scroll requires mana; it does not require magical skills, as the ritual required to cast the spell has already been performed by the scrolls creator. Scrolls cannot fail while being used, but are consumed by use.

Characters with the scroll binding skill will be able to craft new spell scrolls of the spells available in their spell book

The magically talented characters have a small chance to learn the spell contained within the scroll being used without the aid of a spell book, giving many opportunities to learn.

All spells require mana to be activated, if you don't have enough mana and attempt to cast a spell, the spell will fail and your character will end up loosing the turn. The scroll however will not be consumed by the failed action. Mana regenerates slowly every few turns. The regeneration rate depends strongly on your character's class and can be affected by potions and equipment.