Weapons and Armour

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Characters can be equipped with weapons and armour elements to increase their damage and defence in the game. It should be noted that without the ambidexterity skill only one melee weapon can be equipped by the character at any given time. Only one ranged weapon can be equipped at any given time along side of the melee weapon. Collecting new weapon card will place the item in your character's inventory but it will not become automatically equipped. To equip a weapon click on the item in the inventory section and select equip from the active menu..

During battle, the hero's strength will be added to a single six sided die to calculate effective strength in the turn. Opponents defence will then be subtracted from this value to calculate the damage received by the opponent. The same system applies to an enemy attacking the player.

Players can see their most recent die roll scores along with the description of the outcome listed on the opponents card. If the attack is particularly good (or particularly bad) they may be presented additional messages and descriptions.

The battle is resolved once health points of one of the sides runs out and either the hero or the opponent dies, unless one of the parties has fled the battle field. Characters can attempt to run away from battle but if they do that the enemy will be given a free attack chance which if successful will be resolved before the new turn starts in a new location. Some enemies may try to flee from battle if injured, some may pursue the character should the player decide to flee.

Regardless of character class, the character can wear one helmet and one armour piece to increase their defence in combat. Each item in the game has it's own weight which will limit the hero's capacity to carry other items. Characters will not be able to collect additional weapons if they lack the strength to carry anymore.

Bonuses received from weapons and armour pieces will be displayed as modifiers on your character sheet (value displayed with a plus or minus icon next to the relevant property).

Some weapons your character may come across can only be used by specific character classes.

Ranged weapons have additional attribute of distance. It describes how far away can the opponent be while still being a potential subject of your attacks. Different ranged weapons will have different maximum attack distance. The distance to the enemies is described by the light up sections of the melee counter. Once all sections of the melee counter are faded, the ranged attack will no longer be displayed as an option.

Weapons as well as armour can provide additional defense and attack points for different elemental damage types. It is important to consider these when choosing which Armour to equip and which weapon to use against different types of enemies.