Ethernalis - Species of the Old World

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The Old World is a rich and diverse tapestry of sentient beings, each race contributing to the complex and vibrant mosaic of this dark fantasy realm.

These species, each with its unique traits, cultures, and histories, coexist in the Old World, creating a diverse and intricate society where alliances are formed, conflicts arise, and the balance of power constantly shifts, the interactions and relationships among these species drive the narratives and shape the destiny of the world.

Here is a brief overview of some of the prominent species that inhabit this land.


Humans are a dynamic and versatile race, known for their adaptability, ambition, and capacity for both great good and profound darkness. They are the most recent inhabitants of the "Old world," having emerged from the shadow lands of vast eastern deserts thousands of years ago. Humans have since established their Capital city in Laungenburgh, which has played a pivotal role in the creation and expansion of the Empire.

The Coming:

The human race is defined by their journey from the arid eastern deserts, across treacherous lands and unforgiving terrains, to find a new home in the "old world." This great migration, which occurred thousands of years ago, shaped their resilience and resourcefulness. Humans sought refuge from the harsh conditions of their ancestral desert, and they found it in the fertile lands of Altarmn.

Capital City of Laungenburgh:

Laungenburgh stands as the crowning jewel of human civilization, a bustling and cosmopolitan metropolis that embodies the essence of human ambition and innovation. Situated at the convergence of vital trade routes and nestled along the banks of the formidable Ravena River, Laungenburgh is the beating heart of the Empire.

Quest for Power and Knowledge:

Humans are driven by an insatiable thirst for power, knowledge, and advancement. They are natural explorers, adventurers, and inventors, always seeking to push the boundaries of what is known and achievable. Their pursuit of both magical and technological advancements has led to remarkable breakthroughs but has also unleashed dark forces and consequences.

Long live the Empire

Humans have been instrumental in the creation and expansion of the Empire, a vast realm that stretches across the old world. With their ingenuity and mastery of diplomacy, they have formed alliances, brokered trade agreements, and forged a complex web of political influence. The Empire is a testament to human aspiration, an amalgamation of diverse cultures, races, and regions bound together by the human vision for power and prosperity.


Elves are an ancient and enigmatic race known for their ethereal beauty, innate connection to magic, and deep affinity for the natural world. They are one of the most enduring and majestic races in the Old world, with a history steeped in mystery and enchantment. Elves are native to the lush and magical forests of Ethos, a land known for its towering trees, crystal palaces, and harmonious relationship with nature.

Mystical Origins:

The origins of the elves are shrouded in legend and myth. Some say they were born from the tears of ancient celestial beings, while others believe they are the offspring of the very forests they call home. Regardless of their origins, elves are often considered the guardians of the world's magic and the stewards of its most sacred places. The creatures that traverse the Old World today are not of pure blood by elven standards. The original proto elves have left the Old World when Humans arrived on Altarmn.

Homeland of Ethos:

Elves find their spiritual and cultural center in the breathtaking Land of Ethos. It is a realm characterized by its unnaturally tall forests, where towering trees reach for the heavens and crystal palaces gleam in the dappled sunlight. Ethos is a testament to the elven harmonious coexistence with nature, a land where flora and fauna thrive under their watchful eyes.

Connection to Nature:

Elves possess a deep and innate connection to the natural world. They can communicate with animals, plants, and even the spirits that inhabit their forests. This connection grants them unparalleled insight into the ebb and flow of the natural order, and it informs many aspects of their culture and way of life. Other species refer to their telepathic skills as "Whispers" of which legends say, that they can traverse space and time.

Ethereal Beauty:

Elves are renowned for their ethereal beauty and grace. They have ageless faces, pointed ears, and luminous eyes that often reflect the colors of their surroundings. Their physical appearance is enhanced by their affinity for magic, which imbues them with an otherworldly aura that captivates those who encounter them. Elves are exceptionally long-lived, with some individuals reaching ages that can span millennia. While they are not truly immortal, their lifespans far exceed those of most other races. This longevity allows them to accumulate vast knowledge and wisdom over the centuries.


Heffiths are a cursed and enigmatic offshoot of the elven race. Their physical appearance varies widely, reflecting the unpredictable nature of the divine hex that satins their bloodline. Some Heffiths appear almost entirely elven, with only subtle animalistic features, while others bear a more profound and unsettling resemblance to animals. Common animal traits among Heffiths include fur, feathers, scales, tails, horns, claws, or even eyes that resemble those of various creatures. The word "Heffith" is elven for "Stained" or "Damned" - these hybrid traits are a constant reminder of their tainted lineage.

Cursed Bloodline:

The origin of the Heffiths can be traced back to a malevolent act by vengeful gods. When proto elves left Altarmn, these that refused to abandon their lands suffered at the anger. These gods cursed a group of elves, merging their essence with that of animals to create a new race. This curse was a punishment for transgressions and hubris committed by these elves by the abandonment of the Royal bloodline. As a result, Heffiths are often seen as living embodiments of divine wrath and retribution.

Variability in bloodline:

The degree to which the curse has affected an individual Heffith can vary significantly. Some Heffiths may exhibit only subtle animalistic traits and possess a greater control over their bestial tendencies, while others are more afflicted, struggling to maintain their elven identity in the face of overpowering animal instincts. This variability leads to diverse Heffith subtypes, each resembling a different combination of elves and animals. Those that seem less affected by the curse in their physical appearance often struggle with curses aftecting their behaviour.

Isolation and Prejudice:

Heffiths often face discrimination and mistrust from both elves and other races. Elves view them as tainted and shun them, while other races may be wary of their unpredictable nature. As a result, many Heffiths find solace in secluded communities or nomadic lifestyles, distancing themselves from the societies that reject them.

Despite their cursed nature, Heffiths have developed unique abilities and survival instincts. Some may possess heightened senses inherited from their animal aspects, such as exceptional night vision or a keen sense of smell. Others may have physical traits that grant them advantages in specific environments, like the ability to swim effortlessly or move silently through forests.

Cultural Adaptations:

Heffiths call the land of Assianna their home - The Enchanted Wetlands nestled at the delta of the mighty Ravenna River, where it converges with the boundless ocean. Assianna is characterized by its unnaturally high forests and vibrant wetlands, which provide the perfect habitat for Heffiths to live in harmony with nature. The most striking feature of Assianna is its towering forests, which defy the natural order. Trees in Assianna grow to unparalleled heights, with colossal trunks that stretch upward, sometimes reaching hundreds of feet. These trees have massive, gnarled roots that anchor them in the swampy ground, and their lush canopies provide shelter and sustenance for Heffith communities.

Heffith societies, when they exist, are often characterized by resilience and resourcefulness. They develop customs and traditions based on their unique circumstances, with a strong emphasis on mutual support and acceptance within their communities. Some Heffiths may revere the very gods who cursed them, seeking to appease them or discover ways to break the curse.

Quest for Redemption:

Many Heffiths are driven by a deep desire to redeem themselves in the eyes of the gods or to find a way to reverse their curse. This quest for redemption often leads them on dangerous journeys, where they must confront both external threats and their internal struggles to reconcile their elven and animalistic natures.


The Drow are a unique and enigmatic subrace of dark elves, known for their striking appearance, mastery of forbidden magic, immortality, and insatiable curiosity about dragons. They inhabit the city of Oxhe, the Abyssal Citadel, located on the continent of Thedom within the greater Empire. The Drow are a complex and formidable race, often veiled in shadows, both literally and metaphorically.

Eternal Beauty:

Drow are renowned for their captivating and haunting beauty. They have snow white skin that contrasts starkly with their dark hair and luminous, glowing eyes, which can range in color from crimson to azure. Their age is only indicated by the hair that typically turns silver or white and they possess an air of otherworldly allure that often leaves those who encounter them entranced.

Immortality and Longevity:

The Drow are immortal, immune to the ravages of time. They do not age and cannot die from old age. Their lives can span millennia, allowing them to amass vast knowledge and accumulate great power over the centuries. This immortality is both a blessing and a curse, for it grants them eternal youth but also binds them to the ever-shifting politics of Thedom.

Forbidden Arts:

Drow are masters of dark and forbidden magic. Within the shadowed spires of Oxhe, they cultivate their skills in necromancy, demonology, shadow weaving, and other occult arts that would be deemed heretical in most societies. Their connection to dark magic is both a source of power and a reflection of their complex relationship with the arcane.


Orcs are a formidable and enduring race, known for their strength, tenacity, and fierce tribal cultures. They inhabit the rugged and harsh lands of the southern regions of Altarmn, where the terrain is rocky and unforgiving. Orcs have forged a unique way of life that revolves around tribal warfare, honor, and a deep connection to their ancestral lands. They form a coalition of clans with Capitol City of Roggos.

Southern Homeland:

Orcs are native to the rocky and flat southern lands of Altarmn, where the environment is unforgiving and challenging. The terrain is characterized by barren plateaus, arid deserts, and rocky mountain ranges. Despite the harsh conditions, orcs have adapted and learned to thrive in this rugged landscape.

Tribal Society:

Orc society is organized into tribes, each with its own chieftain and distinct culture. These tribes are often in a constant state of rivalry and competition, driven by a code of honor that places great importance on strength and valor. Tribal disputes are settled through ritual combat and tests of bravery. Orcs practice a form of shamanistic spirituality, where shamans commune with the spirits of nature, ancestors, and the land itself. These spiritual leaders play a crucial role in orc society, providing guidance, performing rituals, and interpreting the will of the spirits.

Might and Strength:

Orcs are known for their physical prowess. They are larger and more muscular than many other races, and their physical strength is a source of pride. Orc warriors are formidable opponents on the battlefield, often relying on brute force and superior combat skills to achieve victory.


Dwarves are a resilient and industrious race known for their unmatched craftsmanship, unwavering determination, and deep connection to the earth. They hail from the subterranean city of Rotha, a testament to their ability to thrive in the most challenging of environments. Dwarves are characterized by their stout stature, impressive beards, and innate skill in mining, metallurgy, and engineering.

Subterranean Home of Rotha:

The heart of dwarven civilization lies within the City of Rotha, a sprawling underground metropolis carved into the solid rock of a towering cliff. Rotha serves as both a testament to dwarven engineering and a fortress that has never fallen to external forces. Its intricate tunnels and chambers are a maze of craftsmanship, with precious gems and metals adorning the city's walls and pillars.

Master Craftsmen:

Dwarves are renowned throughout the land as master craftsmen. They possess an innate talent for working with stone, metal, and minerals. Their weapons, armor, and artifacts are sought after by kingdoms and adventurers alike for their unparalleled quality and durability. They present an innate affinity for precious metals and gemstones. They mine deep into the earth, seeking the rarest of treasures, and their cities are adorned with glittering veins of gold, silver, and gems. These treasures are not just symbols of wealth but also a reflection of dwarven culture and artistry.

Stout and Hardy:

Dwarves are known for their sturdy and robust physical stature. They are shorter than most other races but possess great strength and resilience. Their robust constitution allows them to withstand the rigors of mining, endure harsh conditions, and survive even the deepest excavations. Dwarves are a determined and unwavering people. Once they set their sights on a goal, they will pursue it relentlessly, even in the face of insurmountable odds. This determination is a source of both their greatest achievements and their stubbornness in the face of change. Not just skilled craftsmen and miners; they are also formidable warriors. They are renowned for their combat prowess and their unwavering loyalty to their kin. Dwarven warriors, armed with finely crafted weapons and armor, are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Clan-Based Society:

Dwarven society is organized into clans, each with its own ancestral traditions, lineage, and expertise. These clans work together to ensure the survival and prosperity of their people. Dwarven councils, composed of clan leaders, make decisions that affect the entire community.


Halflings are a peaceful and jovial race known for their love of simple pleasures, a strong sense of community, and an unwavering dedication to agriculture and trade. They make their home in the idyllic hills of Leurhe, situated to the north of the majestic Ethos forests. Halflings are often underestimated due to their small stature, but they possess a resilience and adaptability that has allowed them to thrive in their charming and harmonious communities.

Hillside Haven:

The hills of Leurhe are the ancestral homeland of the halflings. Rolling landscapes adorned with lush greenery, orchards, and picturesque farms define their territory. These gentle slopes are dotted with cheerful and close-knit communities where halflings build their cozy homes and tend to their gardens.

Agricultural Expertise:

Halflings are renowned for their agricultural prowess. They have perfected the art of farming, cultivating a variety of crops, fruits, and vegetables. Their farms are model examples of sustainable and bountiful agriculture, providing not only for their own communities but also for neighboring regions through trade. They have a deep and abiding love for good food. They are skilled chefs and bakers, creating delectable dishes and pastries that are celebrated far and wide. A halfling feast is a joyous occasion, filled with laughter, music, and the appreciation of culinary delights.

Strong Sense of Community:

Community is at the heart of halfling society. They live in close-knit villages and towns, where everyone knows their neighbors, and cooperation is second nature. Halflings place a high value on family and friendship, and their bonds are unbreakable.

Trade and Commerce:

Halflings are accomplished traders and merchants. Their port cities and small towns serve as hubs of commerce, facilitating the exchange of goods with neighboring regions. They are known for their fair and honest business practices, making them sought-after partners in trade.


Gnomes are a mystical and elusive race shrouded in mystery and ancient secrets. They are a rare sight in the Old World, with only a few individuals known to exist. Gnomes are known for their remarkable longevity, an absence of females within their race, and the length of their beards, which serves as a prominent indicator of their age. These enigmatic beings are rumored to possess knowledge dating back to the dawn of time itself.

Eternal Beards and Longevity:

The most striking feature of gnomes is their beards, which grow endlessly throughout their long lives. The length and intricacy of a gnome's beard are not only a symbol of wisdom and age but also a testament to their unending existence. Gnomes do not die of old age, and their beards can grow to astounding lengths over the centuries.

Mysterious Origins:

The origins of gnomes are shrouded in myth and uncertainty. Some legends claim that they originated from an out-of-place glacier in the midst of continental forests north of Laungenburgh. However, this region remains largely unexplored, and the truth of these myths remains unconfirmed.

Gnomes are a male-only race, and the absence of females among them has long been a subject of intrigue and speculation. It is said that gnomes reproduce through mysterious and arcane means that they guard with utmost secrecy. This unique aspect of their biology adds to the air of mystique that surrounds them.

Custodians of Ancient Lore:

Gnomes are revered as custodians of ancient knowledge and secrets. They are said to possess an unparalleled understanding of magic, alchemy, and forgotten lore that predates the recorded history of the Old World. Gnomes are often sought after by scholars and adventurers in search of hidden wisdom.

Reclusive Nature:

Gnomes are reclusive by nature and seldom venture into the world of other races. They prefer the solitude of hidden sanctuaries and enigmatic lairs, where they can pursue their studies and safeguard their ancient tomes and artifacts.

Scholars and Inventors:

Gnomes are renowned scholars and inventors, constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. They are responsible for the creation of unique magical devices and alchemical concoctions that have had a profound impact on the world. Gnomes are known to craft powerful and mystical artifacts imbued with arcane energies. These creations are sought after for their potent enchantments and their ability to unlock hidden potential within the Old World.


Thantie are a mystical and ethereal race known for their diminutive stature, fairy-like appearance, and the presence of delicate wings that allow them to take flight. Standing at a maximum height of four feet, Thantie inhabit the remote and enigmatic archipelago of Athesia, a realm far removed from the lands of Altarmn. These elusive creatures are shrouded in mystery, and little is known about their cities, culture, and way of life.

Athesia Archipelago:

Thantie make their home in the Athesia archipelago, a collection of islands that remain shrouded in mystery due to their remote location. The archipelago is known for its lush and exotic landscapes, pristine beaches, and diverse flora and fauna. Each island is a haven of natural beauty and enchantment.

Reclusive Lifestyle:

Thantie are known for their reclusive and secretive lifestyle. They seldom interact with outsiders and are rarely seen beyond the boundaries of Athesia. This seclusion has allowed them to safeguard their culture and traditions, which are deeply intertwined with the natural world.

Nature's Guardians:

Thantie have a profound connection with nature and are often seen as its guardians. They possess the ability to communicate with animals and plants, fostering a harmonious coexistence with the environment. Their magic is intrinsically linked to the forces of nature, and they are known for their abilities in herbalism and elemental manipulation.

Mysterious Cities and Culture:

The cities and culture of the Thantie remain largely unknown to outsiders. It is said that their settlements are built amidst the treetops, nestled within the canopies of ancient and towering trees.