Hunger, Thirst & Stamina

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Hunger & Thirst

During the hero's travels, it will be imperative to gather food and drink to sustain the character or risk a slow and painful end. Unless otherwise specified, the player must keep vigilant of these meters.

Once the meter for hunger or thirst reaches 100%, the character will start receiving damage that ignores any defence points they may have. Depending on the character's race and class, the interval at which the hunger and thirst meters will deplete may vary. Despite the harsh lands, players will come across many edible substances.

Some food may have negative impact on thirst, health or other stats, while items like potions of any kind will slightly reduce thirst. These counters may be affected or even disabled completely through magic rituals, spells and unique equipment.

In general processed food reduces more hunger than raw alternatives. Event interactions can also affect your characters hunger and thirst status (for example drinking from the fountain) but your character's hunger and thirst will grow even during the turns spent in the event overlay.

Different characters will have dirrerent Food and Drink needs and the intervals at which their bars are progressing will vary. You can see the precise interval values in the Classes Description


Stamina levels describe your character overall tiredness and ability to undertake physicall actions. If this meter runs out, your character will no longer ba able to participate in combat. Stamina will be replenished with time - use the rest icon to camp in the current location. Stamina can be replenished with some spells and potions and certain locations or items placed in the current location can improve the rate at which stamina is regenerated during rest.

Stamina is particularly important for fighters, but they tend to have a lot of it. This mechanic often prevents prolonged melee and ranged combat for physically weaker chracters.